any body heard of a PULSE CHARGER???

undefined :applause::D:prof:

I saw the advertisement in the back of dirt rider...

wonder if anyone out their has rode with one installed

A man in billings montana has developed it?!?!

I've got one for sale on ebay right now. Its for a LTZ/KFX/DVX400 ATV.

When i had my Z400, i dyno tested it, and couldnt get it to make more power than the pipe i already had on there. Jetting didnt help either. Sometimes the wrong combination of parts doesnt make the right power.

so, do you think it would make more power on a fully stock bike, stock exhaust with no mods??? :applause::D:prof:

If you are talking about a McCords Power Flow pulse intake manifold, yes I have one. I bought it in '96 for a '96 XR280 that I had at the time. It did improve throttle response and low to mid-range torque a bit, but a flat slide Mikuni was a better improvement. I kept it when I sold the bike, but have not used it since.

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