'06 spring rate ... worth changing?

I just bought an '06 YZ450F today. It is an impressive machine, but I have my first question re: set-up.

I race desert in the amature over 45 age class, so could be considered a slow amature, or faster novice class racer. I weigh 220 lbs., and Race Tech's web site says I should change to heavier spring rates, but only by half a step up from stock. For example, the rear spring is a 5.5 stock, and Race Tech recommends a 5.6; and the front springs are .47, and Race Tech recommends .48 springs. Is that small of a change going to be worth the effort, and the weight gain from changing from the stock titanium rear spring to (I believe) the steel Race Tech spring?

Thanks in advance.

That's not enough differance to justify the expense and work to make the change. Besides, at your age and skill level, I doubt you would even notice any differance. You can add a little oil to the forks and set the preload a little on the heavy side and that should work just fine. Doing nothing will most likely work just fine too. :applause:

congrates on the bike, I also picked one up today. Like you I weigh in at 215. On my honda I changed the springs, and I liked it, but I don't think I am going to switch on this bike, I'm just going to lose 20lbs.

Don't waste the money, you will be happy with just some fine tuning of the stock suspension (Sag), and eating less pizza.

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