Spark Plug removal question

OK, I was trying to remove the spark plug today and I can't get at it with my spark plug socket and long extension. So I did a search and here is what I found

Special wrench? How about a spark plug socket and a wobbly extension?

What is a "wobbly extension"?


use the spark plug tool you got in the spares kit!

The spark plugs have a lot of thread, so maybe you didn't unscrew it all the way?

Unscrew it all the way and get it out with needle nose pliers!

Oh, also wobble extention is like a CV joint. allows you to get into tight places around corners with your sockets.

a universal-joint is what you refering to i think, it helps to get the socket in past the frame.

A spark-plug socket with a rubber insert will help taking it out.


A spark-plug socket with a rubber insert will help taking it out.



I bought my bike used and didn't get "a spark plug tool".

So I'll go look for the "universal" extension.

I think I got it now.

Thanks guys.

Just about any auto parts store can supply you with a "wobble" socket extension.

I think it would much easier to obtain the right tool for the spark plug removal for the bike than in where I come. I used a CBR400 (super4) spark plug remover. There share the same spark plug size and its shorter than the conventional long spark plug removal tool.

A deep socket a universal joint and an extension is all you need.

The Trick is to drop the socket over the spark plug first then push the extension with the universal into the socket. by doing it this way you will avoid breaking the spark plug. To install put the new spark plug in the socket drop the plug and socket into the plug well and start the plug threads by hand then push the extension in for tightening.

Thanks for the info guys.

3/8 drive 5/8 plug socket with a wobbly universal built on, 8 or 10 inch extension and a 3/8 ratchet :applause:

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