Is the YZ426f good for me?

I am 6'0'' i weigh around 170ish and im 14. I am build, very muscular and have been riding a long time. My cousin is selling his 2002 yz426f with a white bros E series on it. it has the correct jetting and stuff. it is being sold for $2800. it would be ridden on mostly trails, and an occasional trip to the MX track. so what yall thunk?

Go for it, the 426's are good bikes.

Sounds fine.

I'd jump on it. Chack the compression by feel at least and be sure to do a valve lash check if he didn't. I love my '02 426, had it since it was new in May 2002 and ride MX with it. A truly fast and dependable bike. She handles gereat with a bit if clicker, spring, oil and sag work.


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