kx250f - heating ?

we have attended the last 2 Canadian outdoors - now @ Southwick

the bike after app. 3 to 4 laps begins to act like it is hot - sputtering and popping - have been unable to figure out - P.C. has built the motor twice - can't have 2 hours to date

all coolant is in after practice - no boiling out

changed the air box and intake

changed the resistor @ the plug

running straight pump

app. 172 main



it might still be over-heating. i run a boyesen water pump impeller and i haven't had mine over-heat at all.

if you are still curious buy some of the temp stickers and put one on your engine and on your radiators and check the temps.

also, what color is the spark plug? you might be too lean on the main, but fine on the pilot so it only acts up when you are running it hard.

Check with "burned" on this one, I'm sure he could help if it is a jetting issue. Otherwise it sounds like it could be eletrical related. Small bikes are infamous for stators going bad and acting just like the way you describe. Check a little more on this though.

damn that sucks to have a national PC built bike to run like that, good luck man hope wick wasnt all that bad

shouldnt you be maybe runnin something with a little more octane then pump. if you have a high comp piston or any real motorwork i would consider cutting it with race fuel

ya i got the same problem thats why i came here to ask about it and my engine is stock.

all is now well - 3 bad stators - 4th one was a charm

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