Rear brake fade on the 650R??

Was doing a really ratty jungle downhill where I was riding the rear brake pretty hard and the pedal went down to the footpeg.

A complete fade. I was expecting to see brake fluid all over the rear disc, but it was dry. Everything looked just fine.

We stopped for a bit of a break and when we took off again, no problems whatsoever. Whatever had caused it had stopped when the unit had time to cool off.

Anybody ever had this happen to them? Is there a cure?

have you changed your brake fliuid lately? brake fluid absorbs water and that lowers the boiling point. under extreme use fluid basically boils causing the brakes to become soft or go away all together. I've exprienced this when when i ride supermoto and I"m hard on the brakes. As far as a cure you can try a steel braided line they don't expand as much as rubber so you get better braking power. but the best thing to do is change the brake fluid at regular intervals.

Thanks 849, I was kinda suspecting something like this. I'll pump in some fresh juice.

motul rbf600 dot 4 is what i use in my baja race bikes and you really have to abuse the rear brake to boil this stuff it works great

Thank you Rusty, I'll see what they've got here.

it would really be worth your while to find that motul,honestly works great

Another thing is that the fluid gets very hot and the plastic brake lines get

soft and expand under pressure. Run some stainless steel braided lines for

zero expansion, that helps a lot also. I use Galfer brake lines, not too expensive

and they work great.... I did go back to the stock front break line though,

the steel one made the fron break too snatchy, I kinda like the "soft" feel

on the front.

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