Some articles to help us with our bikes...

I myself used to ask these questions over and over about jetting, greasing, etc...Well I have come across a few articles on Transworld to help us out. I just read a thread about greasing a new bike, and I must agree with the thread starter; there is close to none, if any grease on new dirt bikes that come right from the factory/showroom floor.

I went through both of my new 2006 YZ450F and 2006 YZ250F bikes and was not surprised what I seen after reading some threads about there being no grease from factory. So I lubed the steering stem bearings, wheel bearings, axles, and suspension linkage up with High speed waterproof lithium bearing grease from Amsoil. I packed as much as I could into all the bearings until it oozed out and would not take anymore in. I suggest you do the same if you have not already.

At the time I wasn't fimilar with the bikes, as Im semi-new to maintaining my bike as well, coming from a old TTR trail bike which required little maintance compared to a real motocross machine. So I searched on TWMX and found some great articles that I would like everyone to see, Im tired of going through and having to find them each time someone asks this question so I thought I would just post a thread for everyone to come to.



There are many more great articles, just go to:,20545,,00.html

I also just recently read a thread about the stock chain guide on Yamaha bikes having too much play in them or something, and that the swingarm can become worn out, damanged, or even cracked. I know the fix to this is to put some slilcone on the chain guide so the guide sticks to the swingarm, now Im not sure what exactly to do with this so if I myself could use some help on exactly what to do with the silicone that would be great.

Thanks, Mike.

great stuff. thanks

good idea for the links. I remember reading them in the mag when I was learning as well. Maybe we could get the admin's to sticky a database of these kinds of things...

They would belong in the Technical Articles forum.

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