Another pilot screw ??

I took the pilot screw out to chane it to a zip-ty and I didnt see the washer. I took it out with the bowl still on. I looked into the hole and didnt see it. I probably dropped it, but is it possible it fell into the bowl?

John in Vegas

No, The bowl is isolated from the throat that the screw is accessed from.

Those things are tiny !!

It should have been between the spring and the o-ring. if it came out with the o-ring the washer should have been there too.

well I guess that answers that. I was really mistaken. I was talking about the o-ring washer. I got some #60 o-rings last night to replace it. I hope they work, now Ive got to get a washer because that wasnt there either.

John in Vegas

85 percent of the time the washer and o-ring stay inside the carb, unless you beat on the top of it. If your not sure if it came out or not just take the carb off and flip it upside down and use a flashlight to look in the hole.

I've also used a inspection mirror to look up into the carb.

I looked from under it. Laid down, got dirty and looked up. Im prettysure I lost it, I thought the spring had sprung, but it was on there and the washer and o-ring arent

John in Vegas

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