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James, Taffy, Kevin; Thanks, VOR tip info - jetting

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Thanks for all your help with the never ending jetting questions.

I currently running the EKP needle, 45 PJ, #2(from top) position, stock exhaust with VOR tip, no air box lid, YZ timing, grey wire mod., stock air jet.

As reported, bike (00 WR) ran extremely rich at all partial throttle settings until I moved the needle leaner (from #3 to #2). Still missing/surging at 1/2 throttle now. BUT! I decided to pull the VOR tip out jsut to see.......amazing difference. Acted lean, but roll-on power was noticeably improved!

It's a little too loud though. Did not have tiem to run it down the road, so don't know about the surging/missing.

Looks like that VOR Tip is much more restrictive than I thought. I'm considering another pipe/muffler now.

Anyway, I thought you guys might appreciate the additional information.

I haven't given up, I like the additional mid range power of the EKP.

I have not tried the DVP (I have one waiting on my bench.

Any other suggestions guys, based on this info?

If I keep the VOR tip, I am considering going to a 42 pJ; should I consider changing my air jet?


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I have commited myself to using the vortip to keep the sound down.

I would think that going with Taffy's posts would be the direction to go, since he's running the "euro" pipe.

Has anyone compared the euro to the vortip?

I've used DVP, & DTM with the vortip, neither one helps the surging. In fact it feels more dependant on rpm than throttle position.

This is why I think I need to play with the air jets, following Taff's testing.

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