I just bought an 03 YZ450F from a member on the board. I am trying to locate the VIN. Where is the VIN located on the bike? Also any trick to starting? the gas knob is on and the choke is pulled.


VIN is on the steering neck, under the number plate, front right side.

Give it a couple turns on the throttle before kicking it. You might want to set the idle up a bit too. Then kick it. Don't kick it with the throttle open...unless you like pain.

If it stll does not start, push in the choke and pull on the hotstart lever. these are usually easy to start.

The VIN is stamped into the head tube on the kick starter side of the bike.

You'll have to figure out how your bike wants to be started and this will happen with time, but here's how I bring my iron horse to life:

Starting for the first time for the day, or after sitting for a week:

Turn fuel petcock on

Pull out the choke

Snap the throttle three times (twist throttle all the way quickly and release three times)

Mount your steed find a firm place in the compression stroke with the kicker.


If it dosen't light up, don't keep twisting the throttle for those three times, just continue kicking and she'll light up.

I've got my starting drill down to the point she fires on the first kick just about every time when cold.

Starting a hot engine:

Mount your steed

Find a firm spot with the kicker

Pull in your hot start lever

Kick her over

But remember, she still dosen't want any throttle.

Resist the old smoker habit of applying a little juice during startup. It won't work with these 4-bangers.

You'll figure it out in due time. But I remember when I first got my bike, I kicked and kicked until I had sweat in my eyes and almost called the dealer to let them know I couldn't get her to light up. But then I read the starting instructions and she lit right up.


For now, I got it push started so at least it is running. I can't seem locate the VIN on the steering head. Does anyone have a pic of where it should be. Any other location on the bike?


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