Insurance for the WR???

Are there any inexpensive insurance companies out there that will cover a plated WR for Fire and Theft?

My homeowners policy doesn't cover since the thing is street legal.

How much are you paying for insurance and what type coverage do you have?

Try the search mode for a thread on insurance (YZ and WR forum).

I have insurance through progressive $130/year for basic (theft/fire). Give them a call for details (1-800-auto-pro).

Steve T

Ditto on Progressive. I pay about $130.00 per year which includes theft insurance (Which gives a nice feeling since the bike doesn't have an ignition lock!)



I've used Progressive in the past, and found they are about the cheapest. They also specialize in insurance for bikes.

Have all my bikes insured by Progressive, and save hundreds a year.

I use Dairyland insurance, 42$ a year for my 99 WR. Thats with a 20% discount for AMA membership and years of experience riding (15 years, plus)....

I paid about $900 per year for two Buells with progressive, and when I put on my WR426 (full coverage including collision) it dropped down to $750 a year for fleet coverage.



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So how do you guys that dual-sport your WRs keep them from gitting lifted (literally)? Even if the average thief can't start it up they could just chuck it in a pickup and drive off.


I have a streetbike and way too many vehicles to want another insurance and registration bill, but I'm curious.

I have Progressive Liability for $50 a year. I put padlocks on the brake rotors for theft protection.

I found a way to never lose my bike. I sleep with my WR, bugs the hell out of the wife but love is love! Thanks YAMAHA!!!!

hey desertfoxx, I keep my wr in the garage because of its poor manners, but I'm usually up for a ride somewhere. Give me a buzz.


27.50 Bodily injury/property damage liability - 100k per accident

6.70 uninsure motorist (we got a lot of um)

22.90 medical expenses

97.60 comprehensive w/250.00 deductible

Total 154.70/yr

just imagine if I go over a cliff. Probably worth more that way......

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hey mike, where in washington do you live? i'm in spokane, and have my street legal wr 400 insured by mutual of enumclaw for 60 bucks a year. if you live close lets go riding sometime..... :):D

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