Need a spark arrestor ...

What are people doing for a spark arrestor on their '06 YFZ 450s? Which slip on exhaust is going to work the best?

I am runnign the PMB end cap and i really like it. For a slip on though i would get the GYTR moto billet

I don't have a rivet gun, how much would it cost to buy one along with the rivets I would need?

I'm thinking about just swapping the silencer for one that has a spark arrestor, such as Pro Circuit, FMF, or Yoshimura. Is there one of these that is better than the others?

You would have $15 bucks in a rivet gun and rivets. Unless your wanting to wast your money on just a spark arrestor go for it. But if you get one go ahead and by one that will quite your bike down some as well. FMF Q2 or a White Brothers E2 or something along those lines. I got my E2 on the way today.

The PMB endcap comes with rivets. I bought a gun at autozone for $12 bucks. Really easy installation and you can take out the screen when ever you don't need the spark arrestor.

Can I get the PMB end cap for a Yamaha in a color other than blue? My bike is yellow.


If you call PMB they may have a black endcap. I have the blue one on my blue YZ and really like it... no change in power from stock, and it adds a little bling. If I were getting a slip-on, it would be either a WB E2 or a Thunder Alley.

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