WR 450F Vibration

Lately I am experiencing big vibration in my WR450F '05. It's so hard that blurs my vision if seated. When I stand it disapears. Bar was changed from Renthal stock to a Pro Taper Fat Bar and the vibration at hands reduced and I don't lost my fingers habilities anymore. But the excessive vibration that blurs my vision is anoying me a lot. Any clue, other than check the nuts and bolts what I already did ? It happens at mid to high revs. Low rpm don't show any problems. I cut the gray wire and am using high octane gas.

If your engine is running fine with no weird behavior then you should check all your hard points and re-torque them to spec, i.e. motor mounts, steering nut, etc...SC

Put the bike on a stand and see if the vibration is there when just reving the engine. If it isn't then it must be in the wheel hubs or drive train of your bike. If you can i solate the engine as not being the problem, then the source isn't to far away. Good luck


After place the post I found many messages in previous dates that answer my question.

It's a new bike with only 4.000 Km. I will double check for crackings, weldings, mounts and so on. I hope to find out what is causing the blur. It's a high frequency vibration. Idling is OK, no noises, nothing. Just in high revs = high speed it shows up and is hard to see ahead cause the vision really blurs. As the vibration comes from the seat, I will check the subframe.

Thanks to all of you for answering.

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