Stock flywheel weight?

Anyone know what the '01 WR426 flywheel weighs??

~65 pounds...oops, that's the whole engine! :)

A friend of mine added 8oz. to his YZ and I see some guys adding weight even to the WR occasionally. Just curious if there is anything to be gained by adding more weight to the already heavier WR wheel??

Depending where and how you ride, a weight helps greatly if you are old and ride slower than all the young guy's. Seriously, the weight keeps from stalling in the slow tight stuff, and let's you lug more. I am using a 7.5oz weight, but there are 10 and 12 oz ones available. Gearing down to a 13 tooth primary and the weight made my Northeast riding much more fun.

I've got a 12 OZ installed and 13/53 gearing....Can't stall me out baby...

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