Trouble cleaning plastic.

My buddy's KTM fell against my bike on a recent trip in the truck and the constant vibration of the bikes rubbing against each other dulled the side plastic shrouds in a few spots. On the white, and the black plastic. I have tried rubbing compound, and Ajax to clean it off.

Any way to restore it to original, or am I destined to covering with stickers?

Try Turtle Wax chrome polish that comes in the can-it kinda resembles a small brake fluid can-I used this to clean red stains off my white and yellow plastics from MN's Iron Range. Or try a little toothpaste-it's slightly abrasive and will rub out the staining.

Back in the old days we used fine steel wool saturated with Armoral. it worked ok but it will never be shinny new looking. Latley I have been using PLEXUS it seems to work pretty well for bringing out the shine as well as can be expected.

Any idea how well it works?

I tried it on my last bike. In short, it's a lot of sanding....looks good when you are done....but not for long....doesn't hold up to gas and gets patchy looking.

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