Who Races Their 650L and Which Would You Choose??????

nOOb to the forum. Site is really good, found it on my own, though when I asked where to go for 4-stroke info, this place came highly recommended and some of the places I frequent should really look into that "Search" notice on the post a new thread page...........

Now onto my first questions and hopefully I don't get burnt by the search wisecracks................... :applause:

I finally decided awhile back that I'm gonna get a 650. Been a dream for a long time and as soon as the wife's truck is paid off in the next few months, instead of looking at bikes on the 'Net, I'll be actively shopping for one. The wife is steering me to go used and I don't really have a problem with that, though I might go new, just depends if I can find what I want used.

I'm looking primarily at L models because I need something street legal. It's gonna replace my 4wd vehicle in some aspects. I'll be able to get away and go explore close to the house and while I can get most places I want to go in the truck, there's something about the gas prices that's gonna hurt me.

On top of that, I have this ambition to race. Nothing hardcore or anything, just something to do maybe twice, three times a year. Enduros seem to be the popular thing around here (talking more like a 300 mile radius) and I'm not one into leaving the ground more than a couple inches at a time. I've been looking at the different groups putting on races and such, should be a worthy endeavor. So with that, who here actively races their L model? I know the tires that come on the L models from the factory are worthless in this aspect, but it wouldn't take much to have a set for offroad, and on top of that, when I would ride, I've got plenty of dirt roads to stay on and when I did have to get on pavement, most of it would be in town. For those with L models and race, what have ya done to make it a little more worthy in the dirt?

On the flip side, I have also thought hard about trying to find a R model that is street legal. If I go the used bike route, this is my most prefered way to go. I would like to pick something up that is already outfitted with tires and larger tank and other goodies, but is already tagged. I really don't want to mess around with getting an R and doing the work to get it legal, but if things pan out that way, I'll do it.

I know that these models have the best reputation in reliability and that reputation is nothing new. It was over ten years ago when I started reading about dirt bikes and from what I have picked up here, that reputation has continued to grow, so I'm not really into looking for anything else other than the 650.

I'm gonna be a little surprized if anyone reports racing with an L. The R would be a much better choice if you want to do anything competitive.

For what it's worth, it's easy to plate an R in many states (it is in AZ) and OK my be one of them??

HawkGT pretty much nailed it. As the owner of a 650L, I wouldn't even consider running it in an Enduro. They are closer to something to run SuperMoto (Street & some dirt). You'll be much happier with the R for

any kind of dirt racing.

I would choose a lovely new big red XR650R for this task,buying new is always a buzz but a good deal on a used bike sometimes can't be passed up especially if it was dual plated..

I race UPS trucks all the time on my "L"! Everyone wants to race the truck....

I own an L and love it, but as said above, i would never consider it for serious racing, just not what it was designed for. The xr600 yes, the 650L no.

I would say go with the 650R.

It is what i wanted to begin with, but ended up with the L due to issues with getting an R plated. As much as i love my "L", I would dualsport an R model if i could do it easily in my state.

I have both bikes and with my experience riding I would not have any problems racing my L in a few enduros, with what else you wanna do I would go with the L, its street legal a great bike for finding those secret riding places and is a great commuter bike, now the R is awesome dont get me wrong but if you dont wanna plate a bike I would suggest the L, just my 2 cents

I couldn't imagine racing my XR650L, ... but I do remember hearing about some guy that entered a Winnebago motorhome in the Baja 1000 once ... (once) ... :excuseme:

If price isn't an issue, why not try going for a Husqvarna TE510? Already ready for the street, liquid-cooled, and pretty much race-ready. You could even go with the next one down (a 450?).

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