Possible CDI or pulse generator failure

How do you test if the pulse generator and the CDI are both working properly? My 97 XR600 is bogging pretty bad when I blip the throttle off idle and it dies after high speeds. It also bogs and dies in first gear when I get on it. I've tried all different kinds of jets and setups, but so far nothing has worked. I've checked the valve clearance and I've checked to see if there were any air leaks, but everthing seemed to be fine. The compression is a little low at 130psi, but the bike starts right up. Any suggestions?

Do a search for CDI on this forum, lotsa info.

From what I understand, you can't bench test a CDI, all you can do is eliminate the other stuff, then assume its the CDI. When mine went, I was lucky enough to borrow one to test the bike with.

i just got done checking all that stuff. look at post,,, looking for aftermarket 86 xr6r cdi. guy's helped with good info.

Yeah, I found a post which described the best way to test the ignition system and so far it tested fine.

Sounds like it might be a fuel flow problem. Have you checked the petcock for clogging/restriction? Gas cap vent? How about the float valve and float level? When you crank it up and it dies, immediately shut off the petcock, pull the float bowl drain plug and see if there is gas in it or not.

Normally, CDI and other electronics work, or don't work -- it's binary, nothing in between.

There are only two exceptions to this that I've come across (in my expeience, not necessarily the only possible exceptions).

Low battery voltage will make the bike misfire almost like a carburetion problem.

Also, the wrong resistance spark plug wires (on coils with replaceable wires) can cause a misfire at higher RPM.

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