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KXF versus RMZ

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Bought a 2006 KXF450 friday. It has a Rekluse clutch in it. Rode them back to back for the first time today. Posted this over on the Kawie form so thought I'd post it here too:

Rekluse clutch. (its in the Kawie) What a trip!!!! This thing is amazing! You have to ride one to understand.

Power. Kawasaki wins this one. Even with the FMF exhaust on the Suzuki the kawie power seems broader to me. Both have stock gearing & I'm thinking about dropping a tooth in the rear on the Suzuki. KXF motor rips!

Cornering. Suzuki wins this one but the Rekluse clutch is awesome coming out of the corners. Still, the Suzuki feels likes its on a rail.

Suspension. I have neither bike set up for me yet so all I have to go on is how they're set up right now, so I'll call it a push for now.

Stability. The Suzuki feels way more planted than the Kawasaki. Don't know if I can fix this with some fine tuning(suspension) or not but as it stand now, the front end on the Kawasaki feels really light an almost nervous to me.

Overall feel. For me, the Suzuki. I'm short, the Kawasaki isn't. It is a really tall bike and just has a bigger feel to it. Of course I have the SDG step seat on the Suzuki which helps some.

So what did I learn for all this? Heck if I know, other than having 2 450s to go back & forth on is pretty freakin cool.

PS: These opinions are based on my riding level which is Vet novice.

PSS: After going back & reading my post it seems like I liked the Suzuki more. Funny thing is, I don't know if thats true or not.


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You never have to use the clutch. You can go into a corner & hit the rear brake without pulling in the clutch, then just roll the throttle on coming out and you go. You can feather the clutch coming out but I never needed to.

Its a trip. :applause: I want one for the Suzuki.

This explains it far better than I ever could.


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