Last couple of times after washing my bike I noticed water in the clear drain tube on the air box ( Never have seen this before) . I just noticed a ½ inch hole (looks like a place for attaching the crank hose) on the top of the air box. It is open and water can get in into the air box.

Was there a plug, cap or hose connected to this – I just don’t remember and the manual does not show/say anything about this.



On my 99, I have a plastic nipple molded onto the front (facing the carb) portion of the airbox, but it is SOLID.

If yours is open to the airbox, hmmm...I would think it has been modified.

I have thought the vent head breather tube, at some point in time, may have gone there (and then Yamaha engineers changed their minds, and plugged it...???)

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