Flywheel weight? Gearing for woods?

I have an '02 426 an ride mostly woods. Gearing and flywheel are stock. I am considering altering the gearing to 13 up front and keeping 49 out back. I have read from some of you that you like a 13-51...thoughts? Also I'd like to give it a heavier flywheel, but not sure how much heavier. I live in Colorado, ride mostly on technical trails, and the occasional desert trip. Anyone out there have any suggestions. I was thinking 10oz, but not sure what sort of a difference that will make, should I go bigger? Love to hear what you guys are running and your thoughts.

I have a 13/51 but would suggest a 13/52. I don't have any experience with flywheel weights so can't help you there

I was running a 13/50 but it was too tall for tight technical hill climbs. I dropped the front to a 12 just for kicks and I really like it. I have a really low gear for those steep slow root invested trails. However, I am going to drop the back down to a stock 49. This will allow me to run 12/13/14 up front depending on the kind of riding I do. Fronts are cheaper and easier to change. I think the 12/49 would be the same as a 13 / 52.

I also have an 02 YZ426F. I'm currently running a 13/50 setup for trails. I'm happy with it but next time around I'll go 13/51. For the dessert you would need to switch the front to a 14 or 15. Running a 52 rear kills to much of the top end. I would not recommend running a 12 front because it will really accelerate the chain slider wear. As far as flywheel weights go I'm currently not running one, but looking into getting a 10 or 12oz. Steahly Offroad has a good flywheel weight recommendation chart. Here's the link.

Why would the 12 up front accelerate the chain slider wear? With the 13/51 don't you find yourself slipping the clutch too much on very long steep tight trails. It seems that 13/51 works for most trail riding but not enduro style stuff unless you like to replace clutches.

In going to a 13/51, did you need to change the chain length? I just bought a new chain, but it is for a 14/49 stock gearing. I am hoping to be able to use it.

i have a 99 yz 400 i have 13/52 gearing a stock WR flywheel with electrex lighting coil i only ride woods, technical tight single track and double track, hills etc and it performs great..........i can run tight trails with no problems or stalling....

I'd be leery of running a 12 tooth front. Remember, when you go to a smaller tooth sprocket in the front, you are making the chain make a tighter smaller circumference turn, which will possibly accelerate wear. If you have the money, I'd keep the 13 or 14 front, and just go bigger in the rear.

I will have to check with one of the local big Yama shops on the wear issues using a 12 tooth. I like the front option because you can swap them out quickly for different types of riding. If the a 12 on the front does cause a problem I will bump up the rear.

I'm running a 13/49 combo and ride tight single track stuff and it seems pretty good to me.Just low enough but you still have some top end if you want it or need it.

I talked to the lead service tech at my local Yama shop and he agreed that a 12 in the front would wipe out the chain. I'm going to a 13/52 for the tight stuff. I'm just going to buy a JT steel until I figure out what I like.

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