Best fork seals?

Ok now before you get hard on me I already did a search and couldn't find a whole lot about fork seals. What have been your experiences with fork seals and what brand works the best and lasts the longest? I was thinking OEM but my brother said that aftermarket stuff like pivot works are better. Out of the first 4 rides on the bike 3 of them the fork seals leaked so I am pretty sure they are old and worn out because I let the air out of the forks before every ride. One trend I did notice though is that if the bike is tied down for a long time like overnight then the forks leak or even a long trip on bumpy roads make them leak. Is that a sign of worn out seals? But after about the 3rd time of having to fix the leaking(with electrial tape) I decided to pack in between the seals and the dust wipers with grease( not bearing grease more clay like and light brown color) and so far it hasn't leaked but it also hasn't been tied down for a long period. So do you guys think they are worth replacing? I'm gonna have the forks apart already to change out springs and put in new oil so seals wouldn't be too much of a hassle.

I've gone both routes in the past with about equal results. I have also tried the cleaning route with negatives from camera film. After carefully inserting the negative film between the slider and the seal and cleaning the circumfrence of the fork tube you may be lucky in removing debris which had caused the leak. Unfortunately there are times when the seal just won't cooperate and seemed to seep without reasons. Thats the time to replace.

Look into These. The out facing lip is much bigger and stronger than the OEM's (something more like the '04 & later)

An important step is to check the fork tube over very carefully for nicks and vertical scratches that are significant enough that they catch your fingernail. These will cause a repeat failure. What I do is to sand the tube in a crossing spiral pattern until it feels smooth again and the burrs are gone. Use 200-280 grit paper. After a while, the fork will refinish itself.

Before you put the dust seal back up, smear a little waterproof grease around the fork tube so that it lines the inside of the dust seal when you slide it up into place. That will help catch dirt that gets by the slider before it gets to the seal.

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