Yet Another 426 Starting Drama

I started the bike after 2 weeks of not riding it and i started 2nd kick. No dramas. It cut out and now it wont start at all, and when you kick it through with the decompression lever engaged it back fires. Its got compression and fuel. I drained the carby as other guys have sed and i took out the plug. the plug is fairly old. i am gunna get another one to see what the go is but it worries me.

Ps the day was really cold weather? does this matter a great deal :applause:

Sounds like a combination of cold weather and being flooded. A new plug should do it - especially if it started fine the time before...

Dont worry just yet, sounds typical of the Beast. Try a new plug first.

I've got the same thing going on. New plug though. She'll technically start for a second and then die (just enough to get me ready to think she really wants to dance) i think i'm having carb probs because the choke and hot start won't stay out.

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