03 WR 450 questions

Hey guys, got some newbie questions for ya. I just bought a 2003 WR 450 and was wondering if these things generally make a fair amount of engine noise while idling. I have not heard another to compare it too but it seems to have a lot of sound coming from the engine that basically sounds like rotating parts but seems louder than any of the four stroke four wheelers I have had. Im assuming it is due to the cams, chains, etc.

Also, do i need a specific wrench to adjust the rear shock (stiffer). What does this job entail?? thanks guys

Every WR I have seen has had a noisy engine.

It's normal.

If your 03 WR looks like it hasn't seen much use, make sure the woodruff key issue has been addressed.

Use a hammer and punch to free up the looking ring on the shock, with a pair of gloves on just turn the spring and bottom ring to the desired stiffness. Works for me.

as far as with the starter not engaging correctly and screwing up the timing? If so, it has had repairs done concerning that according to the previous owner. I believe the crank was replaced under warranty.

I assumed that was the procedure for the shock but didnt want to screw anything up. thanks bamster

If the bike has a solid skid plate on it, the motor will seem really noisy compared to a quad. The plate echos alot of the engine noise.

It does have the skid plate. Can someone explain exactly what is involved with the woodruff key problem??

I can explain, but you'll likely get more info with a search for "woodruff key" in the WR450 forum.

I can explain, but you'll likely get more info with a search for "woodruff key" in the WR450 forum.

Good idea to search for more info. BUT note that the woodruff key is not the root of the problem. You should do the starter upgrade if it hasn't been done to the bike you bought. The search engine will yield mucho info on this.

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