Help!'04 450 Loses Power

Alright guys,I turn to you because I'm sure at least one person has experienced this before.Yesterday,I was out riding at a local track,and it is mostly national style,but up front it switches to a more technical,kind of supercross style.Well,anyways I think about four times,when I'd come up to tight 180o corners,I'd pull the clutch in and let off the throttle the bike would die once it decellerated.In the year I've had it,it has always been perfectly jetted,never had to touch it,I also noticed that it had kind of a slight dead spot right off idle.Also,don't know if it is related,but a couple of times it died,when I went to kick it over,the starter was hard to kick like it was stuck on compression.The only changes made to the bike before yesterday since the last ride were:I made a point to buy 91 octane gas(I usually just run whatever I get my hands on,and never from this station),I replaced my fuel screw with a GYT-R one and set it like the stock at two turns out,while I was there,I cleaned the hot start cable end and greased it,I also cleaned my air filter.I also must add that it wasn't doing this all day,only the last ride of the day at about 8:00,was fine all day long.Thanks in advance.The kick starter thing's probably normal,but I don't want to chance anything.

Come on guys,please.Tell me I'm not the only one to encounter this.

I know what your talking about, coming to a sharp turn i pulled the clutch in and it stalled, it was the weirdest thing my bike has done to me and it took forever to start but when it started it ran like a champ. I to would like to know what it is.

check your clutch to make sure it is engaging and disengaging all the way

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