confused yet happy

over the past few months my DR-Z has been worrieing me. When i wa engine braking, there was a loud, audable ticking, which was almost a slapping or clapping :bonk: . The frequency of the 'claps' were directly corelated with my speed, the faster i went, the more frequent they were. I assumed this was a bad ACCT, because I read somewhere that this is one of the telltale signs. Recently, my mother's truck broke down, so I have been giving her rides around town, and having to keep my riding calm (dull). No heavy acceleration, no tight turns, or hard braking. Just today I got out on the bike by myself, and as i left off the throttle, I was engine braking for a little while before i pulled in the clutch. Guess what? NO SLAPPING! :applause: Thats right, completely gone, and I even tried it a couple times again. I guess the moral of the day is that the DRZ is more than bullet proof, it fixes itself. :D:prof::prof:

Anyways as to my questions.

1) What is this slapping, just incase it isnt ACCT (i have an 06 S model)

2) What could have caused this "fix"?

Thank you


It still sounds like a slack chain.

But if it has "Fixed It's Self" it is just the lull before the big bang.

The ACCT is spring loaded, with a sprung fail safe to prevent it slacking off.

It sounds as if this is the problem, it was slacking off, now it isn't.

If this is the case, it will go again, be warned.

All so chack the drive chain adjustment, not too slack is it ??

Neil. :applause::D:prof:

Dude, you got your mom to ride your DRZ! :excuseme: I'm doing good to get my G/F on mine... :bonk:

lol yeah got the mom on there.... she freaks out if i do any good leans though

and Neil, you say that this is just a temporary thing? It will get worse? crap, gotta get the MCCT then....

Also, will it survive for a few months if I quit engine braking, and take it easy?

there are serations on the tension device ... sounds like you were caught between them ... now that your camchain has strecthed a little ... you went to the next seration ... you should be good for a while ... at the first opportunity ... get a MCCT ...

You need to listen....does the sound come from the area around your knees or your butt when you hear it??? Chain slap will sound like it is either under you or behind you...valve train noise will sound like it is slightly in front or around your knees when sitting....Either way get the MCCT ASAP.

If your suspecting a failed ACCT and you continue to ride...then you are a fool. $50 for a MCCT or $1000 minimum for a motor rebuild?

But honestly...I doubt it is the issue at hand. It would have went boom by now. If something is wrong...fix it and quit screwing around. If it is normal noise...identify it and then forget it.

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