Miles for tank full on stock WR450

40+mpg my first ride.mich trails .i was very easy on the throttle.still i was impressed,compaired to 25mpg from my yz250.

The key in your question is "with a lot of throttle". If you're on the gas a lot, conservatively figure 40 to 50 miles....that's how far my '05 WR450 will go before I start thinking about switching to reserve.

I just installed a IMS 3.2 gallon tank from Zip-Ty Racing. It gives me another 50% in capacity...and when I'm not on long rides I'll fill it partially and the Center of Gravity is actually lower than the stock tank...making the bike more nimble.

Not a bad looking tank (IMS). That extra size makes a lot of sense. I can see doing 20 miles in and 20 miles back to truck/gas with the stock tank but 20 miles comes on pretty fast.

Thanks all for the information.


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