new to the yzf forum

I Just picked up my new 06 yz450f this weekend. As you can see I'm no stranger to thumpertalk, however this is my first 4 stroke yamaha. I did have a few questions for all you 06 riders. Were is a good place to find parts for this new of a bike? I was looking into skid plates, radiator guards, and spark arrestors. This is what I've found: Pro Moto Billet spark arrestor, Devol Rad guards and skid plate. I have also seen the utah sport cycle skid plate, but I can get the devol for $15 cheaper.(I like the skid plate to offer all around protection for desert riding) If you have any thing you would like to ad, please do, I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks. :applause:

i have the devol, it's pretty good.

I don't like the look of Devol myself, to me it looks like cheap steel. I have read before that it don't fit good on some of the 06's, but I may be thinking of the wrong company.

I have been running without a skid plate and just been using the stock guide plate, but I don't trail ride, so I don't have to worry too much about branches or rocks hitting my cases so much.

The radiator guards by Devol look really good to me though, unlike there wide skid plates. I myself ordered a pair and they fit well, and work well. I ordered mine through my dealership so I couldn't give you a site. As for spark arrestor, I don't use one, so I couldn't tell you. Try finding a slip-on by FMF or GYTR parts. The one your talking about is the only other one I know of.

I love the bike, some other things I want to point out to you before you go blow more money on parts later down the road. The stock chain; sucks, you may want to replace it before you run it and it also wears down the stock sprockets. And, of course, grease everything. The bikes great man, and have fun!

I was going to get the Devol Radiator guards until I saw my buddies on a muddy weekend of woods riding. He had a hard time keeping air flowing over the radiator due to severe mud packing. My bike came with the Works Connection braces behind the radiators and I have been surprised how well they work. :applause:

I have the devol skid and it fits perfect.

Thumpertalk store is probably your best bet for picking up goodies. PMB endcap, Works Connection skid plate and radiator cages are a good idea for the bike, I also suggest a decent chain, taller bars, and good aluminum handguards if you trail ride. Stuff like a Zip-Ty fuel screw makes fine-tuning the jetting easier. Enjoy the new ride! :excuseme:

I really like my Works Connection Rad cages and Skid plate, oh and the Cycra Stealth DX Handguards are awsome.

GYTR skidplate fits perfect

Looks perfect too! :excuseme:

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