some advice please

Hey guys

Just picked up a 2000 YZ426F last weekend and boy am i impressed. this thing is amazing. i know it's not a 450 but the deal i got on it makes it all worth it anyways this is my first preformance four stroke... i had a 95 dr350 ( that's the 5 million pund suzuki) and it pretty much sucked. so what i was wondering was what are the typical mods that people do to the bike.. i already know that i have to do suspension seeing as im 6 3" 275 LBS but other than that what do people do. any tricks that you guys are willing to spill? And what's this about a "free" mod. I like free and somebody needs to walk me through that. thanks for all of your help

Congrats on your purchase. The 426F's are great and almost bulletproof. The best place to get help on fine tuning and making it even better is on Motoman's site . Then go to Tech Articles and check them out. Alot of good, helpful info that has helped many of us for years.

What kind of riding do you do? Here are my baseline suggestions:

01 clutch update

01 carb needle (OBEKR I think)

03 cam mod

Thunder Alley pipe

Lower footpegs (free, search this site and you should find the directions)

Pro Tapers

02 top triple (moves the bars forward and up)

Works Connetion frame guards

And if you ride woods

Lower gearing and/or flywheel weight

Works Connection rad braces

Aluminum handguards

Other than that, enjoy the bike, the 00 is a great year and I think you'll have a blast with it.

Cowboy pretty much nailed it.

Congrats on the new ride. You'll love it.

thanks guys you have all been a great help... if you think of anything else just post it for me

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