Do they make a Raiser Suspension kit?

I know you can get these bikes lowered but Im 6'4" tall and even with my tall seat and handlebars i feel a little cramped up on my bike and can go both feet flat footed even with the suspension at it's top position. Can this anything be done for me??


:applause: Get a set of boots! I have seen many a bone sticking out of the leg from people riding in shoes.

Anyway, I have been thinking about this as well, with all the bikes getting smaller and smaller! :D I think there would be lots of money to be made.

Your best bet is to ring up some real good suspension shops such as enzo, rg3, procircuit, racetech ect, as these are the ones that make the parts for the suspension.

I have never seen any extended shock shafts or fork tubes, but I don't see why they can't do it.

Oh, and also get the suspension set up properly for your weight. This will keep the bike up in the stroke, which helps big time. I am sure you are more than 170lbs......

I guess that dirtbikes are really meant for guys that are 5-6 and 165 lbs. It looks like you put a street legal kit on a ttr125.

Regarding your question, I've never seen any off the shelf stuff to make your suspension sit higher. I know there are companies that make extended swingarms for minibikes. That would raise the height of the rear. But then you'd need to do something about the front.

I'm 6'4"/245 and have no problem with my '99 WR400 being too small anymore. It took some time and money but here's what I run:

1. Replaced fork & shock springs with the proper spring rate for my size & riding type. See Race Tech's website for a spring rate calculator. I also had the suspesion revalved and it made a huge difference on my bike.

2. Guts Racing Tall/Hard foam - 1.5" taller than stock and it doesn't sink under my weight. With stock footpegs my knees have less than 90 deg of bend when seated.

3. Applied Racing upper triple clamp moved my bar mounts 10mm forward, Thumper Racing 1.5" bar risers moved the bars forward 1.5" and up 1.5", I run ProTaper Enduro Hi bars and can stand all day long w/o any low back pain. The bar risers made the biggest difference by opening up the cockpit - my bike feels like a Harley-Davidson to anybody else because my bars are so far forward and high.

4. I lowered my footpegs ~1/2" by cutting the barrel - not sure if that's still an option on latter model bikes or not - similar to Fastway low boy pegs. The additional leg room was nice until I kicked an unseen rock and thought I broke my foot - my pegs are at the stock height now..... I don't worry about my toes nearly as much any more.

5. Buy some riding boots!!!!!!


Thanks for the replies guys, I am 6'4" and 245/250 pounds. I do have a set of oneal boots and the whole setup riding gear, just not in this picture (wearing my snowmobile coat less the liner and my snowmobile helmet.) Next winter i plan to swap out my springs/valves to make it work better for me forsure, read lots of info here on that already. I have taller and forward bars and the Guts Tall seat also. (not on in this pic). I was just wondering if there was any other options for me. Has anyone lowered the pegs on an 05 or 06 WR? sounds like it may be a good option for me if it's possible.BigP1010041.jpg

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