clutch question

i was wondering.....does neone that has a yz400f ever break clutch cables excessively and/or have a hard clutch pull? i break cables all the time and my clutch pull is hard and i just replaced EVERYTHING-pushrods,basket,hub,plates.pressure plate,and springs and my pull is still hard :bonk::excuseme:

any advice would be greatly appreciated

I remember there was a mod that some people used to do, I'm pretty sure it was on YZ400's, and that was to lengthen the arm at the bottom end of the cable so that there's more leverage. I think they just used to cut the arm and add a bit of metal to lengthen it. If you do this, you may have to modify the cable holder aswell, so that it runs in line properly or the cable may wear on one side (not sure if you have to do that, just logically thinking).

Make sure your cable is routed correctly, probably the main cause of breaking cables and a hard pull :excuseme:

my cable is ran just like the repair manual says....i dont kno but it makes me thinkin bout gettin a hydraulic clutch

that would solve your problem(s), go on treat yourself! :excuseme::bonk:

i say, go with the Magura hydrolic clutch mate! Have you ever tried one! such easy pull, NO CLUTCH FADE! they're frigan awesome!

is there any other way besides the hydro clutch?...bcz my cable is ran like stock but it still breaks cables like crazy and its like a 4 finger pull you cant do a 2 finger on this and as i said i just replaced everything in the clutch? this baffles my dad friends bike shop and me

where is the cable breaking?, at the bars?..if so try changing your perch and(or) lever.

yes it snaps where it starts into the perch but ive had like 6 different perches and they snapped at the same place :excuseme: and now i gotta buy another perch bcz i just broke mine...any suggestions on the hard pull like its really hard to pull :bonk:


neone? bcz?


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