Ignition Covers

which ignition cover do you rekomend,mine got a big hole in it sinse i hit a rock.....


check with BRPIT.com they make som covers for the wr/yz billet aluminum. they also have skid plates.

Let me know what you find out Henric. I'm looking for one too.


Nothing yet i`ll keep looking

DSP / Carbon Factory / White Bros all make very trick carbon fiber covers.

Expensive but sweet! You can get a good deal on line at MX South


Hope this was of some help.


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[ November 08, 2001: Message edited by: Heywood ]

Be careful with some of the aftermarket ignition covers, they will NOT clear any added external flywheel weights..

rwcfrank, Why not? I have a 12oz weight that came with a spacer for the FW cover. Is someone out there adding weight without having to use the spacer?

Bonzai :)

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