Handlebar Risor Tips to help see your Guage

If you guys have an 06 Wr and put the handlebar risors and forward and have found it hard to now see the stock guage pod I have some good info for you.

remove the headlight assembly. Look under the mount for the cluster, there are two bolts holding the pod to the bracket via rubber mounts, dont touch these, look further towards the back and you will see two bolts holding on the bracket from the bottom, remove them, move the bracket on the top side of the threaded mount on the triple tree mount (you will gain about 3/4 inch) and now screw the bolts down instead of up. You new get the cluster up higher and easier to see. Finally you can adjust the handlebars where you like them, then loosen up the two allen keys on the bracket for the crossbar, and rotate the crossbar towards the back of the bike about 1/2 inch and tighten it down.

It's free and a good mod to allow you to see your stock guage cluster again.... Hope this helps someone...

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