wr450 2004 vs 2005 forks

I was looking at buying the maintenance video for the forks on my 05 wr450. But, I only saw a video for the 2004 wr450.

I know that the forks are now 48mm instead of 46mm. But is all else the same. Would the video still work for me?

What's the difference between the Kayaba's for those years?

bump !

Exactly, change the oil and do general fork service. I have the service manual. But I wanted the dvd for piece of mind.

Yeah, just follow manual. After you drained oil and stroked the damper rod untill all oil is drained, you can fill the tubes with solvent to really clean everything out. The only thing is you got to let all the solvent dry before adding oil. Best done over night. You don't really have to pull forks all a part just to change oil.

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