What ft lbs of torque on head for 06 450?

The service manual says to go to 22 ft lbs, then remove bolts and put them back to 14 ft lbs, the tighten them further to the specified angle 180 degrees. What does that mean? My dealer could not even tell me. Right now I think I am going to just go to 25 ft lbs and call that good.

The first step 22 lbs is to seat the bearing. Then loosen the nut. Then torque it to 14 lbs. Put a mark on the nut and another mark 180 degree around from that mark but on the body or triple clamp. Then forget about torque and turn the nut around 180 degrees until the mark on the nut lines up with the mark on the triple clamp. In some application this can be quite tight. But thats what they are talking about. :excuseme:

I thought the same thing so I tried it. That is way to tight. Before I got half way there I stopped before I broke something. After rereading your response I think we are talking about 2 different things. I should have said cylinder head.

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