please help need helP!! reply!!

i wanna get a bike what would be a better one im 6 foot and weigh like 180 i like power but i wuldent want to kill my self im either going for a yz250f or a yz450f whats a better bike thanks alot

The 450. The problem with the 250 is that it needs to be revved out much more than the larger bike and this decreases it's overall life. The new Yamaha 450 is a great bike, you may want to go with a higher bar bend like the Windam, the power on it is very smooth and controllable. If you feel that it is too much you can always add a tooth to the front sprocket. A couple things you will want too change are the chain because it stretches a lot, the front tire because the stock tire has a tendency to want to push out in turns, the bars are a bit low for someone 6' tall (I am 6'2") so a Protaper Windam bend works very well, and also an hours meter is great to have for maintenance. Both bikes are great but the 450 will last longer and is a lot faster (for when you get more used to it). Hope that helps.

is it your first bike?

Mate jump on the 450 and after six months you'll breath a sigh of relief that you didn't go the 250f. It may daunt you at first, but show some respect to the throttle and the grin factor will only get bigger every ride.

Happy roosting

Both bikes are great and you wont be going wrong. The 250 will be lighter and more agile :excuseme: , not quite as fast or as quick :bonk: . The acceleration of the 250 will still overwhelm a beginner for quite a while maybe always and you wont being trying to fight to hang on (as much). Dont forget TT members are a very fast bunch and ride their bikes to the absolute limit :busted: so a 250 doesnt get any respect. They both will give you years of fun and as long as you ride somewhere besides a drag strip you will be fine. Most tracks are run in either second or third gear as an average so top end isnt the only factor. The 426/450 will wear you out quickly if you are not at the top of your game. Doable but not quite as enjoyable.

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