02 WR426F flywheel/stator installed in 02 YZ426F

I have an 02 YZ426F that I would like to install an 02 WR426F flywheel and stator in. I plan on adding a headlight and possibly an led taillight for riding trails at night. I don't want to install a battery or dualsport the bike. There seems to be conflicting reports on whether or not this will work without installing an 02 WR426F cdi. If anyone one has successfully done this mod with the same year bike please let me know. I also noticed that the 01 and 02 WR426F flywheel(rotor assy) and stator(base assy) part numbers are different. I listed them below.

Yamaha BASE ASSY for 2001 Yamaha WR 426F


Yamaha ROTOR ASSY for 2001 Yamaha WR 426F


Yamaha BASE ASSY for 2002 Yamaha WR 426F


Yamaha ROTOR ASSY for 2002 Yamaha WR 426F


I plan on buying the 02 WR426F stator and modifying it per the instructions provided by Electrex. You can see a copy of them at http://www.electrosport.com/Images/instr.wr.stator.4.yzs.pdf

I did a search of the YZ400/YZ426/YZ450 TT forum and found 2 good posts with some info, but nothing really solid. There seems to be conflicting reports. Here are the two I found.



I called tech support at ElectroSport since they sell the WR426F stator already modified and the flywheel. I was told it will work, but I need to buy a WR426F crankcase cover. I find this hard to believe since both the YZ426F and WR426F take the same part number cover which is 5BE-15411-00-00. So I'm really not sure how credible there information is. I also spoke with Ricky Stator and was told they no longer sell modified WR426F stators. They said they will work fine in a YZ400F, but they have conflicting reports from customers using them in a YZ426F. Sorry for the long read. I just don't want to spend $250 on a Yamaha OEM WR426F flywheel and stator only to find out it won't work.

Thanks for the help. :excuseme:

mine worked fine?? and no you don't need a wr stator cover..

I can't be for certain on the cdi box because of the different part numbers, but you don't need it for putting an 01 wr stat/fly assy in a 00 yz. Hope that helps.

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