What To Do!

I can buy a 97 ATK 605 endro that needs work for $1500 or a 02 XR650R street legal for $4500 with extras?

The ATK Needs:

Battery, Front brake line, Starter Problem, Reweld Kick stand and Muffler Bracket, New rear tire, New plastic handguards and side panel, Oil leak at bottom of engine somewhere, and Clutch sticks. Bike has 2700 miles and was homed in the desert.

XR650R Has:

Scott's Steering Stabilizer, Uncorked, different exhaust, extra street tires, Helmet, gas cans, Street legal. Homed in So Cal, Orginal owner.

It's a hard decision, anyboby want to give there 2 cents?

First thing is $4,500 is way to much to pay for a street legal xr650R in So-Cal. Keep watching www.craigslist.com or www.cycletrader.com and you will find much better deals than that.

I bought my 00+ street legal xr650r with scotts triple clamps, scotts stabilizer, pro-taper bars, dez tank, bark busters, suspension dialed to my weight (he was same size, weight), orginal factory tires on it with only 1,500 miles on it for $3,700. Bought it in San Diego.

Just keep your eyes on those websites and have your money ready because when a good one comes up it usually dissapears very quickly...

It's a no brainer for me, the BRP is the hands-down winner. Biggety is correct, keep looking for a better deal if you go for the Honda.

Thanks I haven't checked craigs list yet.

www.ebay.com even has some good deals on there from time to time. Luck of the draw though on the quality since you can't inspect it...

ATK is too much to buy to get a bike not as good as a Honda. But the honda if it is in PERFECT conidtion, or get him to come down to 4g. He will or he wont sell it. Unless it has 4 miles originally on it.

Atk, is that the one one for sale Anaheim? I think I would look at an Xr650 or 600 .

A bud had an ATK, but no more. I'd stick witha good thing Honda XR. Ya wander why we dont see very many ATK's?

I have a 96 XR600R and an ATK 406MX, it is almost impossable to get ATK parts, I had to get mine dirrect from ATK in Utah, and they did not want to sell them to me, but the dealer was a joke, I would order parts and never get them, the ATK is a great bike, but Honda is bulletproof and easy to get parts. :excuseme:

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