Polishing Plastic

I checked the archives, and could not really find anything helpful, so here goes! Does anyone have any ideas or info about polishing plastic? (I.E. red front fender) I dumped my 650L on the trail, and scratched the crud out of the front fender and side plate. I used some really fine sandpaper and elbow grease to get the really heavy ones out, but can't seem to get that polish thing down. I bought some "rouge" and buffing wheels for my drill, but I think I'm getting the plastic to hot or something. I think I've just about got it, but can't seem to get past that final stage without gumming up the surface. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I posted the same message on 4 Strokes.com, because I know some guys don't read both forums.

Have you tried actual "palstic polish?" I use it on my goggles. Keeps them crystal clear. Get it at an auto parts store. Plastic polish is a lot less aggressive than other polishes.

Sometimes a heat gun will remove minor imperfections and/or bring color back to faded plastic parts.

Something called "color back" may work, too.

As always, try on a test piece, or some inconspicuous area. (or your buddy's bike, lol... :excuseme: )

There's a product called "Plastic Renew", it won't cover the deep scratches but it will give your plastic a shiny new look, good product, i use it when im gonna race and don't have $$$ to replace the scratched fenders.

They should have it at your local bike shop :excuseme:

After sanding it all down with gradually finer grades of sandpaper, hit it with some 00 steel wool to get the surface as smooth as possible.

The shine comes back with a few coats of Mop N Glow. Put some on a clean rag and wipe the plastic once in one direction (don't rub it in). Let it dry for 10 minutes or so then apply a couple more coats the same way.

Soft Scrub Cleanser that most women use in the kitchen. Works great to bring back color and polish the plastic. :excuseme:

Buy a new fender or Rhinoline the old one black and don't worry about scratches again.

Or try using regular automotive clear coat buffing compound-Acrylic Clear Coat is a form of plastic, and you can buff bike plastic with it. The type I use is a 3M product about the consistency of toothpaste. It also works awesome for buffing the scratches out of the eyeglasses I wear in the shop.

just get a new fender, there like 20 bucks.

Use 200 grit sand paper, then 300 or so, then 600 finally. Make sure you wet sand with the 600. Then wait till it dries, and get a wheel buffer for your drill, and polish away. I didnt use any chemicals or wax when i polished it, just a straight, dry, clean buffer. And it was on a crf450 (red plastic).



I agree with mxrider14. Use a buffer with no chemicals. Maybe just a little fine polish, but I dry it without anything first. Keep the speed low and keep the buffer moving.

just get a new fender, there like 20 bucks.

That option is not very sportsmanlike. :excuseme:

Thanks you guys. I appreciate all the comments, I especially liked the Mop-N-Glo suggestion! Reminds me of when I was in teh military, and some guys were using that stuff on their boots for shine. LOL! I would love to buy a new fender, but it seems like such a waste! I'll just keep rubbing until I can live with it.

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