whats a good steering stabilizer?

i've seen a few but what works good for ya'll?

I haven't got one yet, but in the research I've done, I haven't really heard much bad about any of them. Maybe the most good reviews come from the Scotts, but people say their customer service isn't that good. GPR is said to have real good customer service. About the only other complaints will be in regard to ergonomics (i.e. the WER doesn't mount at the bars = hard to adjust).

I like my Scotts, but I think the GPR is a nice unit as well. If you are over 6'....definitely get the sub mount. The higher bar position makes standing much more comfortable.

i'm only 5'6" and the bars feel good where they are now. i'll check out the Scott ones, thanks,

GPR makes an outstanding product. They offer FREE maintenance service also. I second the recommendation for the under handlebar mount, if you are over 6ft tall

If it were me, right here and now, I would go with the RTT stabilizer. I hadn't even heard of them before last weekend, when I tried out one on an '06 WR450, and it is sweet. It's integrated into the triple clamp, and has on-the-fly adjustment with a switch on the bars. Way cool, and if you put a bar pad on the clamp, it's hard to tell you even have it on the bike.

If I showed up with this on the next Baja ride, all of the people I ride with who have Scotts would be really jealous. Which makes me want to get one. Check them out.


About the only other complaints will be in regard to ergonomics (i.e. the WER doesn't mount at the bars = hard to adjust).

That is the best thing about them! I have got one on the 250 for the girly.

Do you have pictures of your stabilizers?

Love my Scott's. It is serving me very well.

I just bought a Scott's dampner and love it. I priced around, GPR and Scotts are about the same price (if you want to stay with your stock handlebars). TT store has a really good deal on Scotts. Do your home work 'cause TT will price match. Good Luck!

i love my gpr sub mount. i am 6 feet and it put the bars just about perfect for me. scotts and gpr are the most popular. cant go wrong with either one.

Scoots with the BRP underbar mount.

It's like magic..


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