Pro Taper bars

I'm thinking about getting some Pro Taper Windom bend bars for my 06 Yz 450F. Will these bars work with the factory cables or will the cables be to short? Next Question whats the difference between the contour and original bars. The contours are about $20 cheaper, but according to the chart they appear to be stronger. Does anyone have any suggestions.

They fit no problem I think they are made identical to the stock ones

The difference is the alloy they are made from. It Contours are stronger according to there study. The Contour also comes with a pad and the orig. ones do not! :excuseme: Save the $20.00 and go w/Contour. Your stock cables will be ok.


I have gone with the windham bend bars and the pro moto billet 10mm taller and 10mm forward risers no cable problems. They are about a week old and two rides.Really makes a difference. Like a new and improved bike.But I decided to get a scotts submount stabilizer. This will raise my bar height 25mm. So I am going back to the stock bars, go figure.If you are interested in saving some bucks and havn't bought the bars Pm me. The bars are the contour Windham, like I said and Ill give you a good deal on either or both.

Thanks Mike

I believe that Contour bars are stronger but have less flex in them.The orignal ones flex more but arent as strong.

They fit no problem I think they are made identical to the stock ones
The OEM '06 bars are essentially identical to the Pro Taper "YZ High" bend, which is, in reality, just a YZ bend, and pretty much the same as they have been for several years. The Windham bend is the same as the RM Mid bend, and is about 4mm higher and has something like 2mm more sweep, or pullback. They fit mine without modification to anything.

I just bent my Pro Taper Windhams. and buying another set. They made a big difference. i like the bend and the sweep. im a tall rider so they helped they hav ethe highest rise with the least amount of sweep .

(got bent when a quad rider hit my bike) ****in quad rider suck.. all of ya .

Another 06 rider with Windham PT's and 10mm risers, no problems. I went with Contours on mine as well, no complaints from me.

It seems like a lot of tall riders are getting windham bends with 10mm riser. Is anyone getting the pastrana bend that adds the extra height without risers? I think the sweep is very similar. I'm 6/4, 200#.

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