How much to expect??


I finally did it. I just ordered a hotcam and a 101mm 10.25/1 wiseco piston. With the mods already done to my bike (sig) how much more power should I expect?



He has an L....I would guess 42-45 HP.

He has an L....I would guess 42-45 HP.

Are you wearing your helmet?

Are you wearing your helmet?

no, why?

The stock XR650L is very restricted with the stock cam and carb setup. The stock header is doesn't flow very well giving good bottom end. Stock Horsepower is very low (about 36~38rwhp uncorked) but, there is some torque in a stock bike, it all just dies very fast for a almost 40 cubic inch engine. The much higher lift cam and much longer duration of the cam will really let this bike breath if you have the carburetor and exhaust to move that flow. Going with a displacement of 375cc (about the size of a piston out of a 318 V-8) stage two cam, pumper carburetor there has been many bike with this setup that would be right around 50 rear wheel horsepower on the dyno. Nikasil is the way to go on the XR650R punch out to a 680cc engine. You can get much tighter piston to cylinder clearance.

Considering that the XR600R (almost the same engine) board to a 628 with cam 11:5 Piston and such is giving 48rwhp there is no reason to think the "L" would give less setup the way you are going. The setup you are looking into is tried and tested, You will be happy! :bonk:

It will not be even close to the same bike....hold on!!! :excuseme:

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