Quiet Exhaust Recommendation

What exhaust would you recommend that would have the spark arrestor and come in under 94dB? I'm thinking the Vortip but I am open to other suggestions. I know that the stock plug really robs power so I want to replace it. Don't really want to replace the whole thing since I don't have the $$$ for a new system.

Also, where can I find the Vortip? Is it the same as the WR replacement baffle from BajaDesigns?


You can find Vortip at http://www.chaparral-racing.com/ for around $60. It is much better than the stock baffle but it is not as good as running without any baffles in the muffler. On couple of my XR 600 and 650s I used the Thumper racing's baffle (around $80). I think the Thumper racing baffle is much better than Vortip. BTW, Baja design's brand is the Vortip and they are asking more $ than if you buy it from Chaparral.

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I have a Thumper Racing Quiet Core in my '99 WR400. It was measured at 95dB by the Forest Service.


The FMF 4Q really quiets it down, and saves weight. Performance is great - I am really happy with it - at least on my 250F.

- Sean

Pooley, My dads WR426 with a stock US pipe and Vortip blew an impressive 89dbs. This was done by a Ranger in Kennedy Meadows per our request. The bike is really quiet and im my opinion its not very resctricted. These inserts are a great idea because they can be installed and taken out in seconds, in fact you could take it out half way through a ride and throw it in your backpack if get to an area that is far from civilization. Pretty cool. I currently use a PC T4, I purchased the "Quiet Core" and with that insert in I think I can push my bike faster than I can ride it,bad idea.... It has like this 3/8" hole that very little exhaust gets out, but it's quiet :)


What RPM was your dad's bike measured at? 89dB is awfully quiet for a bike at half the redline.


NVR FNSH, do you have any info on your pipe? What is the USFS requireing to pass. I understand they have a book and if your manufacturer isn't listed it won't pass. Has anyone heard this before?

Brian, Im not sure what the RPM's were cause they have this little coil device that they put on the rear fender that they look at but I can tell you that it was something like just above idle. I do remember the ranger tell us that it was one of the quietest bike they've tested and im possitive that it was 89db's. Also, with my PC quietcore in I blew a 94db and the stock/Vortip setup ran WAY better, I really think that proper jetting when using all types of "quiet inserts" is vital. see ya dan

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