'02 426 high rpm noise/ping

I was out riding the other day on some trails.1st-3rd gear mostly. We came to a road portion of the ride and we hit some high speeds, wide open fifth gear for a bit. While on the road I noticed what sounded sort of like a pinging, but only in the lower end of the throttle range in the high gear. It wasn't an overbearing ping, but was definitely there. When I opened the throttle up, the noise either dissipated, or was muffled out by the increased "braaap". Anyone else experience this? I am normally in the woods and don't open it up like that, so am not sure if this is normal, or precursor to disaster.

What kind of fuel were you running? I notice that on my raptor, and my YZ that if i run low octane fuel my engine doesnt like it, and does make pinging and knocking sounds...you could try some high octane, or if the yz is tricked out try some mix with race fuel. just my two cents...otherwise, was it like a rod or a lifter sorta sound? (that a car makes?) perhaps valve clearance?

valve clearances are ok, and I was running some fresh super. 91 octane is the highest grade here in CO. My motor is stock.

Any ideas?

were you able to isolate what part of the engine the sound was coming from?

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