yz 426 not starting

hi i just bought a yz 426 and it wont start i have started it 2 times today and i go to start it the third time adn it wont go... i dont know what i am doing wrong

If you are doing everything the same...try a new plug.

i htink im doing it right i pull the choke then pull the compresion lever then go down one kick then back up then let out the compresion lever then kick it over isnt that right?

You want to find TDC first (Where you can not move the kick) then use decomp and go just pass this (an inch or two) let go of decomp and bring kick back to the top and then give it a good full kick right down to the pegs. It should then start first kick. Remember you will not need choke if the bike is warm although you may need to use hot start.

One of the worst things you can do to a 426 is start it up just to hear it run. If you start it, you better ride it or else you will be eating plugs... Other than that, just follow gigans advice on finding TDC first, then pull in the lever and push and inch or so, then release everything and kick the crap out of it.

did you twist the throttle when its not running or when you kick it over ?

take your throttle hand off the gas :excuseme:

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