WR426 '02 Igniion problems "need info"

Hey guys,

Got a curly one for ya's I've got a 02 WR-426 which has just started spluttering "BADLY". I think i've narrowed it down to being a bad ignition coil which tested with a multimeter measured (approx 23 ohms resistance) between the plug cap and orange wire terminal. I borrowed a mates coil which measured (approx 7-8 ohms resistance) then fitted it to my bike and ran it and it seemed to work fine. Then after swapping them out again as a test, my coil was obviously still bad and then the good coil decided to shit itself too. I'm just curious if has had a similiar shitfull experience or may know what could be causing coil failure. ANY INFO GREATLY APPRECIATED..!

BASIC RESULTS SO FAR INDICATE: Good coil has approx 7-8 ohms and book states 9-14 ohms, and the 2 coils i now have are 23 ohms resistance and the bike is un-ridable...

GOT IT!!!........Bad electrical connection...Thats all it was i pulled apart all connections, cleaned, sprayed with WD-40 and re-assembled. RUNNING SWEET AGAIN...WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :excuseme:)

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