FMF header

A FMF power bomb header has come up cheap. Would i get a power increase with the header alone? I know they are designed be be used with a FMF muffler aswell, but just wondering. Thanks

Im not sure about the power increase...but it runs great with the stock midpipe-muffler...

You will be able to tell the power increase when you put it on....but if you want power add the muffler and rejet your bike with the FMF stage one jetting kit.

The Power Bomb works by diffusing the pressure waves in the head pipe. The effect is that you end up with a header of an undefined length, which tends to spread out the effective range of the entire system. My experiments with mine and my old stock muffler indicate to me that it has this effect on any system. (The exit diameter of the header is different than stock) The "hit" that the stock '03 had (actually a sag in the power curve followed by a recovery) disappears with the Power Bomb, and it gives the bike more beef at both the far ends of the scale, ending with a longer, flatter power curve.

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