Odd jetting?

I picked up a used 2000 WR400 and have been going through it before taking it out for some romping around.

While rebuilding the carb I found a 182 in the main. From what I've read this sounds rather large. The bike didn't run perfect, in fact it acted like it had carb issues. It had been sitting for a year plus and I figured it was junk.

My question is- why on gods green earth would someone have put a jet that large in there? It has an opened air box, modified throttle stop, and a WhiteBros E Series slip on pipe.

I am having a friend with FAR more experience with these bikes rejetting it for me but I'm still stumped why it had a large jet in there.


i got a mate with a 400 that has similar large main since he put it to yz timing

i am not sure how big it is but it is in the high 170s

and that is for the hot australian climate

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the bike is,was, & has been in the lower part of Arizona. 1500-3000 feet maybe. 70-115 Deg F.

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