IMS Tank

For the 06 owners that have the IMS 3.1 gas tank I have a couple of questions. How much wider than stock is the tank? Also, will the Works Connection Rad guards work with the tank?

The IMS tank is only slightly wider than stock, I can't say whether it will work with rad braces though as I don't have mine yet. The tank does fill up every nook and cranny around and below the aluminum frame, almost like it was blow-molded around it!

I have the IMS tank setup with the WC radiator guards. Mine don't bulge much, but I had to trim a good bit of the plastic from the back of the shrouds. I installed them both at the same time so I'm not sure if the tank caused them to bulge noticeably, but I know the Rad guards did. I just had to get a sharp razor and keep slivering off plastic. Small price to pay for all the piece of mind.

Here is a pic of the IMS installed from the back of the bike. I thought I had one prior to installing the tank to compare, but could not find it. The tank is not wider than stock, it is a little taller and hangs down lower.


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