Brass shavings in oil

Changed the oil on the 2000, 650R last night and fine brass shavings came out with the oil. Quite a bit. Only out of the top drain plug above the screen, not the sump (bottom) plug. Any ideas? Motor seems to be running OK but this is a fairly new bike to me...two decent rides. I sure don't like the direction this may be heading.

sorry, but I think you have to change the crankshaft

sorry :excuseme:

There is only one source of brass in that motor.

Welcome to the sad reality--the 650r has a weak crank.

Time for a complete tear down. I am 100% positive about this. Dont even get a second opinion. Just start making plans for a rebuild.

Crank, rod, piston, rings, camchain, slider, guide. You can upgrade and use the HRC parts--Thousand Oaks Honda has it all in So Cal. Sorry dude.

wow, thats harsh.

weak crank=horseshit

Yes it sounds like this fellows crank has gone south but the XR650 has a weak crank absolute garbage.

Crank is good for 70+hp it's not the crank it's usually the nut behind the wheel coming loose that screws things up.

First time I have ever heard that said about the XR650R. I wonder if a little trash talk is oozing out.

My apologies needsprayer i need to give myself an uppercut for that one.

I have Honda Japan literature for the prototypeing of the xr650r and the crank had to exceed 120 hours straight under load WFO and retain the original tolerances,not just stay in spec retain the original clearances.

My apologies Mike but i think you got me good on that one.

When you buy a used bike you just don't know if it was run out of oil or run with the oil filter in backwards, laying on it's side wide open or numerous other things, it's a bummer but it's a single cylinder engine, not a big deal to yank it apart, get a manual and have at it.

Yep, tearing into it next week once I rip out the rekluse. Seems to be the general consensus about the crankshaft being the issue. It really blows having only put two rides on the machine after refurbishing everything BUT the motor. Should be a new bike by the time I'm done with the rebuild. I've spent more money on this "project" than if I bought a new pig. When I drained the oil after one hard ride in the snow, it looked like a whole bottle of gold glitter was dumped into the pan.

To be honest, I think the previous owner was 'in the know' about this. Heck, it went through my mind to sell the bike, brass shavings and all, but knew I'd have trouble sleeping at night.

Yep definitely the crank, sorry mate. The only brass parts in the engine are the thrust washers that go on the crankpin either side of the rod. You're lucky you have warning with this bike, I've seen other XR's lunch cranks and there has been no warning, just a lockup and that sound of turtured metal!

Calxi - Sorry about your bad luck here. I think this experience reminds us of the hidden risks of purchasing a used bike, even one as reliable as the BRP with all its design margin. I looked and looked to find a lightly used 650R which is perhaps easier to do here in Michigan. Even then I was nervous, but the savings from buying used vs. new paid for all my mods.

Good luck with your repairs. Hope you are able to salvage the season.

Yeah, guess I'm lucky about not seizing the motor. Should all be worth the wait and dollars once she's done. It's torture while this baby is down though! I might need to take the seat off and sit on it while at work so I can feel like I'm getting saddle time :excuseme:

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