Help buying Maxxis SI/IT

Hi guys,

So many of you have recommended the Maxxis tires for our WR450's... i would like to try them. However I am a little confused. I've been though many sets of tires on my R1 and there was alot to learn with street bike tires. This is my first dirtbike tire purchase i am not sure about the correct part#'s.


Front Size: 80/100-21 51M

Maxxis Maxx Cross Soft/Intermediate Terrain - This is the SI tire right? Should i use the original size?

80/100x21 Maxxis Maxx Cross Soft/Intermediate Terrain

Our price: $49.99

Part# 77528

Rocky Mountain FRONT


Rear Size: 110/100-18 64M

Maxxis Maxx Cross Intermediate Terrain - This is the IT tire right? Should I use the original size for the rear too?

110/100x18 Maxxis Maxx Cross Intermediate Terrain

Our price: $44.99

Part# 77975

Rocky Mountain REAR

Also, why is the rear cheaper than the front?

And has anyone found these anyplace cheaper? Some of the websites that have Maxxis dont have the SI front... is it an older model?

You got it!

Doesn't matter what kind, try one, if it sucks get something different next time.

Front 80/100-21

Rear 110/100-18

I go through alot of tires, Rockymountain is probably the cheapest if you go over 99$ and get free shipping. Throw in a couple HD tubes and your there.

A little tip: Run at least 15 PSI, check before you ride, I'm getting pinch flats at 12psi :excuseme:

See? theres even more to learn. The HD Tubes, which ones does everyone prefer? Looks like the MSR are cheapest? What about the Ultra HD tubes?

Anything but the reg thin tubes are all you need. I bought one of the Ultra thick ones for 14 dollars thinking it would last longer, it got a pinch flat 3 weeks later......

Everyone probably has a favorite, mine are HD Moose tubes. (not sure if RM sells them)

If you want to save some money check out the Kenda Carlsbad tires. I put them on my bike but not enough miles on them to tell if they will hold up, but it seems like a nice tire for the price. The Maxxis Desert used to be 42$ now its 55$?

I've got Michelin UHD tubes. They're 4mm thick. I don't think you could pinch them with vise grips.

For heavy duty tubes go with the Bridgestone Ultra Heavy Duty tubes. I've been using the same tubes for the last year and a half and have done four trips to Baja, probably raced twenty desert races, and have put a ton of miles on play rides. Not once have I gotten a flat tire. I've gone thru a shatload of tires in that time but have never changed the tubes.

I run the Maxxis Desert IT in the rear and the SI in front. The Si's don't last as long but they do work better in the California deserts IMHO.

UHD tubes are the way to go. It doesn't matter what brand.

They leak more air than normal HD tubes, because they are more porous. Just have to check pressures before you ride.

UHD tubes are the way to go. It doesn't matter what brand.

They leak more air than normal HD tubes, because they are more porous. Just have to check pressures before you ride.

Really? i would have thought the thicker the rubber, the less air can escape. why do they sell extra thick condoms then!? LOL

why do they sell extra thick condoms then!?

They make your %$#@ look bigger! :excuseme:

bridgestone all the way. go to the bike store and compare w/ msr etc. and you will see and feel for yourself. :excuseme:

You mean Bridgestone tubes? or tires?

Tubes i guess. How can i tell what inner tube has better rubber? by feel? by smell? by color depth?

I've tried three different brands of HD tubes, and they've all been problem free. The Cheng Shin tube looked to be a bit thinner, but it last just as long as the others.


You might be interested in the thread done 6/17 of this forum, 2 guy,s did a real professional tire test MAXXIS vs DUNLOP

Rocky Mountain is the cheapest I've found for the tires and I even stayed below and had to pay shipping. The rear is the only one that I got so far cause my front tire still seems so new I feel like its a waste to change it til it gets at least half its life worn off..... The Maxxis IT rear is a Hog lookin tire and throws some rocks (so my friends say) , I don't really know if it handles better than the stock Dunlop did but it definately is holding up alot better! still lookin meaty as hell after quite a few rocky rides. I think I will probably buy another if it lasts as long as it seems like its gonna. I did also take some peoples advice from the forum and bought two Bridgestone UHD tubes. Also from Rocky Mtn because of comparing prices they always come out the lowest. Good luck to ya, and have fun. :excuseme:

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